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1 04 2008

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Hi everyone, I hope my blog is helping and has helped others make their own time for something new!

I wanted to share a website with you that a friend has made… Its called It is a business directory offering FREE business Listings. Find Asian businesses, restaurants, bridal wear, dhol players, djs, pundits, henna mehndi, marquee, mandap , jewelery, caterers, venues and so much more

If you have a business and want to expand your audience and advertise, then I advise you to register, after all you have nothing to lose and you’ll get a lot in return! Or even if you want to browse, there’s some great services on spread the word!


Completion of the blog

9 05 2007

Since I’ve started creating this blog, I have had many problems especially with the restrictions I have with uploading codes, widgets etc on this blog. This is only because this version of wordpress doesn’t allow certain features to be added on here. As much as I wanted to add more features such as games, iframe, plugins digital clocks etc I just can’t add it. Also this version of wordpress doesn’t allow any plugins to be added. So basically I can only work with what wordpress provides.

Never the less I have tried my best to take advantage of the existing features and adding and editing what I can. I’ve come to the point now where I am happy to say I can’t really add anything else! I’ve tried and tested what I can and included what I believe is appropriate for my blog, and this blog what your viewing is the end result.

I’ve found this module very practical and hands on which I think has been the best way for me to develop my understanding of blogging and web2.0 better. This module is definately something I will not forget as I now know how to create a blog with confidence, and if someone asks me what web2.0 is, I think I can answer with confidence! Its been a good learning process.

So have a browse, feel free to leave comments etc and start surfing!


8 05 2007

I’ve completed my essays and you can check it out on the essay page. I took my time deciding on what I wanted to do the essay on and after a long think I decided I wanted to it on privacy. I’ve included files to make it more interesting and have used various forms of research to validate my points such as YouTube.
MySpace codes


7 05 2007

I was going through the options I can include in wordpress. I was on wordpress just looking at what if anything else I can add, and I come across Slideshare. Slideshare is an application which enables you to upload and share slideshows like powerpoint presentations, with the benefit of being interactive. Its the new way to send and share presentations. It wasn’t hard to add a presentation.. just go to to get the right code you need for your server and copy and paste it. Take a look at an example of a presentation. (Click on slideshow to activate it). This was an option for me to add from my admin area. WordPress I think are beginning to improve, but its a shame really because by the time I finish this blog, i can’t add anything extra even if there are new features available! I’ve updated some of my pages now to include slideshows like this one below.

Back to top of page

5 05 2007

I can’t add any subcategories in my blog which I wanted to do, but never the less, I can still add links to my page which acts like a sub-category in its own way. What I have done though is add a link which goes back to the top of my page. If you click on my pages and scroll to the bottom- you’ll notice a button saying ‘back to top of page’. This as really easy to do and it makes navigating this blog so much better with that little link!

All I done was create a html link- and linked the text ‘back to top of page’ to the page the text is on. So what it actually does is refresh the page and make’s it jump back to the top.
Clever little idea I think 🙂

I feel a little bit happy now and I feel like this has made up for not having sub categories in my pages. Weird?

Sites&Codes which I can’t add in my blog

4 05 2007

List of sites and codes where I can’t add anything to my blog, but can help yours.
Widget box
Iframe code– I couldn’t add the code in here so I turned the code into an image for you to see:
iframe code
Postcast Plugin
Programming plugins
Plugins and widgets for wordpress Although these widgets are for wordpress, only some wordpress accounts actually allow you to add the widgets through your wp-contents folder which I don’t have!


3 05 2007

However inappropriately funny this image is, I wanted to actually put this in my blog because although this image doesn’t do any harm, you can see its just two naughty cabinets being naughty lol.

My point is, I know I can add small animation images like this now, but this image alone got me thinking about how easy accessible content is especially adult content on the internet to children. At the click of a button a child can enter a site which is rated a certain age. Despite all the age policy’s etc, the world of the internet is a scary thought. A lot can happen with a few clicks from a mouse.

Anyway, I thought I’d just write that as I’m thinking about it right now.

Animation Miscellaneous Images

Animation Miscellaneous Images

Even though there is a serious side to what I’m saying, I bet this was the first thing your eyes were drawn to on this page?!